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Jamie: Shadow of a Highland Warrior - Here We Go Again (anthology) 

Jamie: Shadow of a Highland Warrior - Here We Go Again (anthology) -- Feb 2014

Here We Go Again. 
Explore the magic of déjà vu in this collection of warm and fuzzy short stories by some of your favorite authors where love and mystery come together. 

Can Lady Audra Lambton risk the Poor Lamb’s Curse? In Leigh Michaels’ “Shadows of Love,” the death of two prospective husbands and life-threatening illness of the third ended Audra’s engagements. But when she embarks on another season as a chaperone and runs into her third former fiancé, sparks fly. Is she willing to gamble on love and Lucas’ life yet again? 

High fashion goes to the dogs in Sparkle Abbey’s “Project Dogway,” when one of pet therapist Caro’s clients, owner of an award-winning beagle, drops dead at the fundraising event. But Caro, along with estranged cousin Mel, owner of the Bow Wow Boutique, refuses to sit and stay, and they soon find themselves on the tail of a killer. 

A detective and a cat compete for psychic Sunshine Meadows’ attention, in Kari Lee Townsend’s “Shenanigans in the Shadows.” But when Sunny’s best friend’s heirloom wedding rings go missing, they must all work together to figure out whodunit. 

In Ann Revis’ “Shadow of the Tower”, Guido, the Tuscan cat, thought he had gotten over his fear of abandonment long ago but after answering the appeal for an adventure from a feline friend, Guido and his brother Dante scale the terracotta roofs of Florence until they find themselves trapped in a church tower while a storm rages outside. Will they make it out alive after being thwarted by a wicked priest and a sticky, smelly little boy? 

A date is the prize for a lost game of darts in Barbara Witek’s “Operation Puppy Love,” when a meddling pooch with radar when it comes to romance makes the date happen for veterinarian Maddie McClintock and Major Josh Briggs. 

A hot highland warrior, a sassy FBI agent, two nosey old ladies, and a mysterious cat that may not actually be a cat get caught up in a deadly but hilarious assassination attempt in Anita Clenney’s “Shadow of a Highland Warrior.” 

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Shadow of A highland Warrior

Here we go again… Jamie was afraid that if he didn’t get out of the car soon, he was going to kill Matilda.

“I don’t see what the big problem was,” Matilda said. “It’s just a cat.”

Jamie glanced over at the elderly woman sitting in the passenger seat clutching said cat on her lap. It was big and white, with the greenest eyes he’d ever seen.

“You tried to sneak it through airport security in your tote bag,” Nina said. Nina was Matilda’s cousin and Shay’s aunt. Shay was the ex-love of Jamie’s life, the woman he’d once planned to marry, and the reason Jamie had gotten sucked into taking Nina and Matilda to Washington, DC to tour the White House. A potential nightmare that would be followed by the long drive to the clan’s castle in Albany, New York. After the fiasco at the airport, Shay didn’t trust the two women alone.

He’d rather be fighting demons, but even though Shay had broken things off with him and was now planning to marry Cody MacBain, Jamie still couldn’t refuse her anything. Though it was a bit like adding insult to injury after what Nina and Matilda had done to him. He still hadn’t lived that down.

“I thought they might think it was a stuffed animal.”Matilda rubbed the cat, who looked like it wanted to be someplace else.

Jamie well understood. You and I both, cat.

“It was hissing,” Nina said. “And then it leapt out of the bag when security opened it. I’ve never been so embarrassed…I take that back. There was the trip to Egypt with those god-awful high heels.” Nina wasn’t as crazy as Matilda, but the cousins lived together and traveled together so Nina always got caught up in Matilda’s adventures.

“I need the cat,” Matilda said. “It’s my protection against vampires.”

The cat—it still didn’t have a name—had shown up at Shay’s house in Charlottesville and never left. It was like a bloody shadow, always following and watching with those strange eyes that made the hair on Jamie’s arms stand. Matilda swore the cat had saved her life by killing the vampire who’d sneaked into the secret passageway of the Connor castle in Scotland. It was true that something had killed the vampire—and probably saved not only Matilda’s life but everyone in the castle. Jamie doubted Matilda had killed it so he kept a close eye on the cat when it was around. If it could take down a vampire…that was one hell of a cat.

 “We don’t even know for sure if the cat killed the vampire,” Nina said.

“It was that or my holy water. I think it was the cat. It leapt at the vampire, and there was this horrible hissing sound. I’m putting it all in my memoirs.”

“Memoirs? I thought you were writing a book about vampires,” Jamie said. Of course the clan was simply humoring her by allowing her to continue to write the book. Everyone assumed she would lose interest and move on to something else. No way in hell would the Council let her expose secrets the clan had kept since the beginning of time. The safety of the world depended on the warriors’ ability to work in secret, hunting and destroying the demons that were disguised as humans while they attempted to destroy the earth.