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Dirty Demons - The Vampire Diaries

Dirty Demons - The Vampire Diaries -- Out Now

Elena and the girls go to a retreat to purify their senses and get away from it all. Once there, however, they discover that not all dirty demons live in Mystic Falls.

After a terrible battle with the ancient demon, Samael and the ultra-destructive zombie he sets upon Mystic Falls, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie decide to forget all their troubles and treat themselves to a much-need trip to the spa. The girls make a pact – no boys, no zombies, and in particular no more whirling dervish demons. Mrs. White tags along, since she’s the one who was good enough to get everyone reservations. Everything is fine at the health resort at first. It sure feels great to be surrounded by ordinary human beings at last. But the girls soon discover that not everyone here is as they seem. One guest in particular is less than human and more than a little trouble. And she wants something from Elena – wants it right away.

Be sure to read the stories in order! Dirty Demons is part four of Clenney's series. Start with The Blood Ring, Kilts and Fangs, and Raze This Town before continuing the series with Dirty Demons.

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