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The Lost Chalice -- Anita Clenney
The Lost Chalice



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Faelan – A Highland Warrior Brief

Faelan – The Connor Clan Highland Warriors Brief--Oliver-Heber Books

Highlander Faelan Connor was the most powerful secret warrior the clan had known, until a demon locked him in a time vault where Faelan slept for 150 years while waiting to save the world and meet his destined mate. Travel back to the 19th century and experience Faelan’s legendary journey as we discover how the Mighty Faelan gained his fame and if it’s possible that he met his mate before she was born. For the first time, we’ll find out what really happened inside the time vault.

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The man—it wasn’t a man; men didn’t have teeth like that—scooped Liam up and ran. Liam was scared now, screaming for Faelan. Faelan was scared too. His legs felt like mud. He wanted to wait for Da, but something inside kept him moving. The demon carried Liam behind the apothecary shop. As Faelan ran past, he caught a glimpse of Old Donnal looking out the window, his face shocked.
He heard panting behind him and worried that another one might be sneaking up on him. He glanced back, but it was just Tavis, his face a white blur. A loud shriek sounded and Faelan ran faster. He rounded the corner and his feet froze. The demon had Liam by one ankle, dangling him over the old well.

“No!” Faelan yelled. Liam was screaming and twisting. If he didn’t stop, the demon was going to drop him. That well was deep. Da wouldn’t let any of them near it.

The demon smiled, and Faelan’s skin crawled. He had never seen a fully shifted demon this close. It was hideous, like a monster from a nightmare. Big and ugly, with gray skin, yellow snake-eyes, and long, coarse hair. And it stunk worse than the deer carcass he’d found rotting in the woods last week. He’d never been this scared, but he kept his eyes on Liam, who was still wriggling like a worm, hands reaching for something to hold.

“Stop moving, Liam.” Maybe the demon would free Liam and take him instead. What would a demon want with a bairn? “Please don’t hurt him. You can have me. I’m bigger.”

“Come closer then. Let me see if it’s worth the trade,” the demon hissed.

Faelan moved closer until he reached the well. His brother had calmed and was looking at Faelan with big, frightened eyes.

“Will you trade, then?” he asked the demon. “Me for him.”

The demon’s yellow eyes locked on Faelan. He smiled, baring teeth as gray as his skin, and he dropped Liam.

Faelan lunged and caught Liam’s hand. The demon ran off as Liam wriggled and screamed. Faelan gripped the well with his other hand to keep from being pulled in. His palms were sweaty, and he could feel Liam slipping.

“Hold on, Faelan. I’m coming,” Tavis called behind him.

“Hurry, I can’t hold him.”

“No!” Faelan recognized his father’s roar.

Liam slipped a little more, and Faelan strained with the weight, feeling like his eyeballs would pop. Liam’s hand was slipping through his. Tavis threw himself against the well next to Faelan and grabbed for Liam’s hand. It was too late.