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Kilts and Fangs - The Vampire Diaries

Kilts and Fangs - The Vampire Diaries -- Out Now

Elena Gilbert is a vampire in withdrawal, looking for a cure for her deep, abiding blood thirst. She’s thrilled to discover a magic ring that helps satisfy her dark cravings for the fresh red wine of drained human victims. But before she can share the good news with friends, a furious storm blows into Mystic Falls, and a handsome Scot, Lander stumbles into her hideaway cabin, naked and injured, clearly in need of help. Together they spend an eventful, very interesting night, weathering both the unruly storm and their respective crises. For the first time in years, Elena feels truly human. But then she comes to understand that Lander is withholding dangerous secrets. For one thing, he’s come to Mystic Falls to destroy the town’s swelling nest of vampires. Making matters more interesting, it turns out that Elena’s magic ring doesn’t work so well when the sexy Scot is around.

Be sure to read the stories in order! Kilts and Fangs is part two of Clenney's series. Start with The Blood Ring, and once you've finished Kilts and Fangs, continue the series with Raze This Town and Dirty Demons!

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