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The Blood Ring - The Vampire Diaries

The Blood Ring - The Vampire Diaries -- Out Now

Elena’s ancestor, Jonathan Gilbert comes to her in a vivid dream, inviting her into the woods near an old hunting cabin she once visited with her father. Elena follows along the mysterious trail, all her senses alive. In time, she discovers a ring carefully hidden in the cabin wall. Handling the precious bauble she feels suddenly different – weaker maybe, but calmer, more settled. Could it be true? In a heart-stopping moment, Elena realizes she is no longer a vampire. Searching the cabin she comes upon a vast collection of Gilbert journals. In one entry, Jonathan Gilbert explains that the ring Elena is now holding once belonged to Pearl, a woman Jonathan dearly loved even though she too was a vampire. The ring, in fact, helped Pearl conceal her bloodthirsty nature. Thrilled, Elena is anxious to get back to her friends. Perhaps Bonnie, the resourceful witch, can duplicate the magic ring for others who yearn to escape their dark curse. But before Elena can make it back to Mystic Falls, a naked man stumbles into the cabin, taking her mind off rings and the thirst for blood

The Blood Ring is part one in Clenney's series. Finish the series by reading them in order: Kilts and Fangs, Raze this Town, and Dirty Demons.

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