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When It’s All Dead and Done (Gossip Girl)

When It's All Dead and Done (Gossip Girl) -- Out Now

Our favorite Upper East Siders are getting on with their fabulous lives when Gossip Girl returns with a vengeance, questioning whether Bart Bass is really dead.

A message echoing from an empty grave suggests that the dearly departed Bart Bass maybe hasn’t really left yet. Could be true? After all, Blair Waldorf’s father-in-law faked his death once before. That the message comes from the presumably retired Gossip Girl makes the story even more confounding. Sure enough, Blair and her friends find Bart Bass’s grave empty. Gossip Girl appears to be telling the truth again. But who is Gossip Girl? Everybody knows … or at least thinks they know that Dan Humphrey, Serena’s husband, created the vengeful, get-the-lowdown-on-high-society blogger. But Dan promises Serena and everyone else that he has put away his poison pen.

So who is Gossip Girl? And where on (or under) earth is Bart Bass?

New York Times’ bestselling author, Anita Clenney’s latest is sure to please and thrill all Gossip Girl fans.

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